1. Plan Ahead And Prepare: 

  • By Taking The Time To Plan Ahead, You Can Minimize Your Waste And Pack Weight! Only Bring What You Absolutely NEED (Like A Reusable Water Bottle). This Will Allow You To Actually Enjoy The Festival Rather Than Be Responsible For All The Items You Brought, Plus The Shuttle Ride Is Much Easier When You Pack Light!

2. Travel And Camp On Durable Surfaces:

  • Durable Surfaces Include Established Trails And Campsites That The Frendly Crew Worked Hard For You To Enjoy! 

3. Dispose Of Waste Properly:

  • If You Pack It In, Pack It Out. Please Separate Your Recyclables And Compostable Items From The Trash And Bring Them To Your Nearest Waste Corral. 

4. Leave What You Find:

  • Leave Rocks, Plants, Trees And Other Natural Objects As You Find Them. When Leaving Frendly Gathering, Please Clean Up Your Campsite!

5. Minimize Campfire Impacts:

  • Fires Are Only Allowed In The Designated Campfire Locations, Do Not Start Your Own. If You Need To Cook Bring Your Own Lightweight Camp Stove. 

6. Respect Wildlife:

  • Respect  Wildlife By Observing Them From A Distance And Not Approaching Them Or Feeding Them. Please Do Not Leave Your Food Out. Store Food And Trash Properly And Securely. 

7. Be Considerate Of Other Visitors:

Respect Other Visitors And Protect The Quality Of Their Experience By Being A Frendly Neighbor.  



1. There Will Be Composting, Recycling And Trash Bins Located Throughout The Festival For Your Convenience.

2. Separate Your Compost And Recyclables From Your Trash At Your Campsite Before Placing The Bags In The Waste Corrals.  

  • Blue Is Recyclables

  • Clear Is Compost

  • Black Is Trash

3. Please Do Not Litter. 

4. If You Need More Bags For Your Camp, There Will Be Some At The Information Booth.

5. Not Sure What’s Compostable, Recyclable And Trash? Don’t Be Afraid To Ask A Green Volunteer!

6. If You Are Smoking At The Festival, Please Dispose Of Your Cigarette Butts Properly In The Cigarette Butt Bins Please!



We Are Very Excited To Announce Our Composting Initiative For The 2017 Frendly Gathering! We Will Have Composting Available For All Attendees, Artists, And Vendors To Use Throughout The Festival!  With This Initiative, We Hope To Divert Over 30% Of Our Waste Away From Landfills And Into Soil!

What’s Compostable?

  • ALL FOOD - Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish, Bones, Cheese, And Eggshells

  • ALL PAPER PRODUCTS - Newspaper, Magazines, Paper Bags, Paper Carryout Drink/Tray, Juice/Milk Cartoons, Cardboard, Paper Packaging.

  • OTHER COMPOSTABLE -Waxed Cardboard, Boxboard, Napkins, Paper Towels, Paper Plates, Tea Bags, Coffee Grounds/Filters Wooden Crates

AND All Of The Dish-Ware And Silverware That The Vendors Will Be Serving On Is Compostable Too!



It's Our Commitment To Not Only Be Frendly To Ourselves, Our Communities, But To The World That We All Share. This Means Taking An Eco-Frendly Approach To The Magic We Create At The Frendly Gathering.

While It Is An Ambitious Goal For The Festival To Be Completely Impact Free, We Believe That By Working Together, And Staying True To Our Frendly Values, We Can Work To Keep The Festivals Impact As Low As Possible And Continue To Lessen Our Impact Year After Year. 

Our Greening Initiative Is Collaboration Amongst The Frendly Crew, Artists, Vendors, Attendees And The Mad River Valley Community. If We All Work Together, We Can Keep Sugarbush  A Clean And Beautiful Environment For Everyone To Enjoy Throughout The Weekend!